Jordan Thostenson


Term Director

Former WINGS Volunteer Titles:

Volunteer, Blitzes & Outreach

Years volunteering with WINGS:


Years with AA:



Favorite Layover(s):

The Garden island Kauai has my heart however, Honolulu is second on the list. I will also never pass up a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Why did you become a volunteer with

Wings Foundation, Inc?

At a young age I found that helping others was something I had a passion for. After meeting Adrenis Washington -Norwood, Nicki Kirkeby, and Daniel Smotherman and observing their passion to help and care for others, as well as their high level of poise and professionalism, I decided to make it a goal to join the foundation. I'm dedicated to continue the core values of the Wings Foundation; to assist Flight Attendants in need of financial assistance and continue to guide others with the same compassion, love & support to build the Wings Foundation to even greater heights.

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