Kazumi Chama


WINGS National President

Former WINGS Volunteer Titles:

Secretary, DFW Term Director

Years volunteering with WINGS:


Years with AA:


Favorite Layover(s):

London, Paris, Tokyo

Why did you become a volunteer with

Wings Foundation, Inc?

Over 10 years ago, I was recruited as a volunteer by my dear friend and mentor, former WINGS President, Patty Baker. She felt that I had the compassion and drive neccessary to join this group of Flight Attendants who comprise this nonprofit. I am so proud to be part of a charity whose mission remains the same after 30 years ~ assisting AA Flight Attendants in financial distress due to injury, illness or natural disaster. I was personally reminded of this fact when I received a phone call from a Flight Attendant asking for help. Her only child had recently passed away and she was truly questioning her ability to persevere, emotionally and physically. In that moment I understood why I have committed so much of my time to the Wings Foundation. Our volunteers are not a just a sterile means of issuing financial assistance checks or host fundraisers; rather we have lent a shoulder and opened our hearts to a Flight Attendant in need.

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