Nicki Kirkby


WINGS Ad Hoc/PHX Term Director

Former WINGS Volunteer Titles:


Years volunteering with WINGS:


Years with AA:



Favorite Layover(s):

Haling from Bottineau, ND, a town of 2,000 people, I am proud to be a part of the "Corn Cartel" my OMA layover and am thrilled we are downtown again in Portland where I can enjoy their weekend arts market!

Why did you become a volunteer with

Wings Foundation, Inc?

I volunteered with The Pegasus Project originally when flying for America West and US Airways. I volunteered 14 years and served as Treasurer, Vice President and Executive Director through out my service with this charity. Pegasus originally served flight attendants at over 18 carriers, who were members of the Association of Flight Attendants. Eventually our mission was changed and we began serving US Airways employees facing illness, injury or catastrophic events. When the US Airways and American Airlines merger took place, we dissolved the 501 (c) 3 charitable status for Pegasus, as it served the similar mission of American's Family Fund. Before closing our doors at Pegasus we reached out to the WINGS Foundation to find out if the legacy US Airways flight attendants would be assisted by WINGS. We were graciously embraced and mentored by the then President, Debbie Roland, the Growth and Development Chair, Geoff Stafford and the Treasurer, Mike Saxton! I was personally elated to know that there would be a charity there to help our legacy US Airways flight attendants in need! This charity exists because it was formed as a grassroots organization and is served by flight attendants who volunteer their time to serve our flight attendants facing illness, injury or catastrophic situations. We are able to do this work because our flight attendant family is so generous in financially supporting WINGS through donations and fundraising events! I am proud and honored to be a volunteer with the WINGS Foundation!

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