The Wings Foundation online donations are gathered through our dedicated page with Network for Good.

Click on the button or on the image below, you will be redirected to our Network for Good page to submit your donation online.






As part of our celebration of 30 Years, we are raising $30,000 with your donations.

Click on the image below, and select a one time donation through Network for Good.

Once you have selected your donation amount, scroll down until you see

"I want my donation to be designated toward" and select "30 4 30"

We will be tracking our progress below as well as giving a shout out to everyone who donated!

30 for 30 Flyer landscape watercolor.jpg





Andrew Carcur

Barbara R George

Barbara Kimoto-Berg

Brenda James

Charles Brammer

Cheryl Blanchard

Connie Budge

Cynthia Young

Dave Bozulich

Debbie Roland

Ed Nemergut, Jr.

Edwin Schafer

Efrain Cooper

Felecia Austin

Jana Rensick

Jane Dineen

Jane Norton

Jennifer Perricelli-Rice

Jerry Ann Piontkowski

Jo McFadden

Jocelyn Smith

Julie Bass

Kathryn Kridel

Katie Brown

Kazumi Chapa

Kim Harper

Kimberly A Thrasher

Laura Hartness

Lauri Fields

Linda Timberlake

Margaret Manton

Marsha Douglass

Mary Beth Sheldon

Mary Paulson

Nicki Kirkeby

Noelle Weiler

Pamela Henneke

Patrick Hancock

Peggy Manton

Penny Mather

Polly Goodman

Rich Henderson

Roberto Jimenez Curiel

Roxanna Liwanag-Kelley

Rylee Brown

Samantha Gornick

Sarah Warburton

Scott Brown

Sean O'Gorman

Shane Tierney

Sonja Sciven

Stacy Lewin

Stephanie Buzzell

Stephanie Oxford

Steven Johnson

Susan E Henry

Sylvia Cervantes

Sylvia Reynaga

Tammy Love

Trisha Alfermann

Yvonne Huskey

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