These Documents are provided for the strict use of Wings Foundation Volunteers who have signed Confidentiality Agreement on file with Wings Secretary.

When creating a flyer for an event, there are a several criteria that need to be met before the flyer can be published via social media, WINGS website, or placed at your base operations.  Below is a list of what will need to be placed on the flyer:

  • The Event info (Name of event, date, time, and location)

  • Event Registration Fees/Ticket Costs

  • Approved WINGS Logo.  You can contact the WINGS Webmaster if you do not have a copy of the most up-to-date logo.  We have several variety of the logo available from different colors to translucent.

  • The WINGS website - www.wingsfoundation.com, please note that the address must be in all Lowercase.  There are some fonts that are all Uppercase, so please keep this in mind when you choosing your font.

  • "Benefiting the Wings Foundation" can be placed anywhere on the flyer.

  • If there are any corporate sponsors, please make sure you have an approved logo from the sponsor.

  • If you use Event Brite, please make sure the link is active/live once the flyer is approved.  The link will be published and linked to the flyer on the Fundraising Page on the WINGS website and posted though our social media outlets.

If you wish to create a registration form, please communicate with the WINGS Webmaster to have a form created.  Square can be linked to the form in order to collect registration fees.  The WINGS website will be used to send people to register.


Another note, for trademark reasons, when using the organization name, you must use the following:

  • WINGS (Must be in all Uppercase)

  • Wings Foundation

  • Wings Foundation, INC.


Our National Fundraising Advisory Director can help you with any additional questions about what can and cannot be used on the event flyer.

Finally, once you have completed your event flyer, it must be approved by the WINGS National Fundraising Advisory Director and the WINGS Webmaster.  Remember, the flyer must be approved by both parties before the flyer can be published or printed.

Current WINGS National Fundraising Advisory Director:

Stephanie Oxford, stephanie.oxford@wingsfoundatoin.com

Current WINGS Webmaster:

Dominic Anaya, dominic.anaya@wingsfoundation.com

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