Kathy Mueller

Last year our dear friend and co-worker Kathy Muller passed away. She was a huge and important American Airlines family member to all of us who knew her and loved her. Kathy was always a shining star!! We miss her!!!

For a short amount of time ... Kathy was a WINGS recipient. I am telling you this because she was an advocate for our charity and made it known that she received assistance when she really needed it. 

Shortly after Kathy passed away, WINGS was notified that they were part of her beneficiary inheritance. 

We all know this is a very Kathy Muller quality. She was loyal, kind, giving and grateful. 

WINGS received a generous donation that Kathy gave to help our active flight attendants who need assistance. 

She lived with the most wonderful way of giving ... and then left behind a legacy of her giving efforts!!! 

Now you know Kathy Muller a little bit better... I am sure this does not surprise you because this is the Kathy we have always known and loved!!! 


With shared love,

Brenda Jacobson

I met Kathy back in the late ‘70s when she took a Geology course at El Camino College from my aunt who was her professor.

Our friendship flourished and though I was merely 13 years old we became fast friends and confidants.  She was instrumental in my career decision and pinned on my wings at the Learning Center back in August of 1984.  I have a decade's worth of stories about Kathy.  She was a beacon through my adolescences and young adulthood.  She came into many people’s lives when they most needed her wisdom and guidance.  I consider Kathy to be my personal Mary Poppins.  She came into our family in a time of need.  When her job was done she moved on to help others.

I will forever remember Kathy for her Intelligence, her guidance, her uplifting spirit and her professionalism.  (Never was I to leave for work without my shoes shined!)


Her gift to WINGS is not uncharacteristic.  



Always there for others.  Never wanting any spot light or recognition.


I will miss her and never ever forget what she did for many.



Tom Baldwin

The Wings Foundation is often selected as the charity of choice to receive donations when expressing remembrances & condolences at the passing of a friend, family member or co-worker.

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