Volunteer Directory - MIA

These Documents are provided for the strict use of Wings Foundation Volunteers who have signed Confidentiality Agreement on file with Wings Secretary.

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Geoff Stafford

WINGS Growth & Development Coordinator/

FADR Assistant

Emp# 565047

Email: geoff.stafford@wingsfoundation.com

Phone: (703) 864-8164


950 Euclid Ave Apt #204

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Birthday: August 18th

(Josias) Alex Bermea

Term Director

Emp# 822717

Email: alex.bermea@wingsfoundation.com

Phone: (210) 912-3811


6526 Hoofs Lane

San Antonio, TX 78240

Birthday: September 21st

Kim Putman

Term Director

Emp# 174707

Email: kim.putman@wingsfoundation.com

Phone: (256) 468-4343


5027 Patriot Park Dr

Owen Cross Road, AL 35763

Birthday: May 17th

Ed Nemergut, Jr

MIA Locker Coordinator/Fundraiser

Emp# 189465

Email: ed.nemergut@wingsfoundation.com

Phone: (954) 610-3952


2616 NE 37th St

Ft Lauderdale, FL 33308

Birthday: October 14th

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