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The Wings Foundation is a non-profit organization, formed & managed by American Airlines and US Airways Flight Attendants. Volunteers administer support to AA/US Flight Attendants applying for assistance who are in critical need of financial help. Assistance may be available to those experiencing serious illness, injury or disability. It may also include those affected by a disaster or catastrophic event which ultimately causes a major financial hardship.

The Wings Foundation offers justified & verifiable assistance that is strictly governed according to well defined guidelines. We observe all Local, State & Federal laws which apply to non-profit organizations as defined in Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Wings Foundation receives continued support from regular donations, annual bequests & through the recycling efforts of Flight Attendants saving the aluminum cans onboard American Airlines flights. Most notably however, are the funds generated through American Airlines, Inc Flight Attendant payroll deductions.
If you are a Flight Attendant for Legacy American Airlines, Legacy US Airways, or an individual that would like to begin contributing to The Wings Foundation, click on the Donate Now button below.  You can do a one time donation, or set up to contribute monthly.

Disaster Relief Update

2018 is starting off where 2017 ended: Mother Nature has already exhibited catastrophic mudslides in California and extreme freezing temperatures and flooding throughout the rest of the country. Is this a sign of another year heavily impacted by Natural Disasters? While we hope not, myself and the FADR team are prepared to assist our American Airline Flight Attendants.


Recipient Testimonials

Chemo, Radiation, Sugery, Cancer…

These are all frightening words but they are words I live with every day. My name is Debby Simpson and I am living with metastatic breast cancer. I have been living with, fighting against and surviving for the past 17 years. ... ... .The volunteers at Wings helped me with a little financial support but also helped me with emotional support.

"I received my flood check and I really can't thank you enough!

  It sure did come at a time of need!! A million THANK YOUs to you and Wings!

I have always been a big supporter of Wings, but now I can personally  testify to their true compassion at a person's time of need!! Thank you again! I hope I am blessed to meet you some day -- Have a great LIFE!! "

"I would like to give a shout out to The Wings Foundation,

who went above and beyond to make a very very difficult time in my life a lot easier to deal with ... as well as, All the Flight Attendants who made it possible for The Wings Foundation to help thru recycling, payroll deductions, and/or gave a personal donation while I was out on an IOD.
I retired in June of 2015, and wanted to acknowledge the hard word of my fellow Flight Attendants.
- BRAVO to the best workgroup every!!"


~ Rita Peterson

I just can't thank you

and the Wings Foundation


This is just such a wonderful program and I

truly believe when you

help others that it comes

back in ways you could

never dream could happen!

When I looked at the check I had tears in my eyes due

to the generosity of people helping me that don't even know me! It's just an un-believable feeling that I

would like to help pass on

to someone else in need.

I would be extremely proud

to be part of the

(Wings Warrior) program. Thank you again! I can't

say it enough!"


~ Anonymous

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