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Revised 2020-4-1

Before you can submit your application online, please make sure you have the

following documents available.  The application can be saved and submitted later. 

You must enter your email address in order to save your application. 

An email will be sent to you with a link to return later.  

Your application will not be received until you have fully completed the application and clicked Submit.

To be considered for financial assistance, an American Airlines mainline flight attendant facing an illness, injury, or disability that causes a critical need for financial assistance must meet these requirements:

  • Active on the American Airlines APFA System Seniority List

  • Depletion of available sick time

  • Presently on the sick/absence list or projected to be removed from service a minimum of fourty-five (45) days with medical documentation

  • Possess less than two (2) months of usable income to cover household expenses

  • Provide a completed WINGS Application for Financial Assistance along with supporting documentation outlined in the application checklist


Before you can submit your application, please make sure you have the following documents available.  The application will not be submitted if any documents are missing.  Please have the following:

  • Copies of the Last Three (3) Months of the folling Payroll Documents:

    • Last Three (3) Months of Payroll Statements (from Applicant and Spouse)

    • Checks Issued History (Full Page - All checks issued to Flight Attendant)

  • Medical Documentation (See sample of Physician's Letter for required information)

  • Copy of Page one (1) and Page Two (2) of your previous year 1040 Federal Tax Return - Social Security Number redacted

  • Copies of your Last Three (3) checking and savings statements (front and back of all copies)

  • Medical Out of Pocket expenses (proof of payment)

  • Copies of your Last Three (3) Months from the following:

    • Disability

    • AFLAC Disability

    • Workman's Comp

    • Pensions

    • Employment Paychecks

    • Annuity Payments

  • A copy of your Last Monthly Schedule/Line Block (HI-1)

  • A copy of the most recent Long Term/Short Term Disability and/or Social Security Disability Statement

  • Copies of Loan Statements:

    • Auto Loans

    • Credit Union Loans

    • Mortgage Information

    • Rental Agreement

  • Copy of your HISK and HISK/L

**Only these types of files can be submitted: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, csv, txt, jpg, jpeg, png, gif**

Additional information may be requested by Wings Foundation, Inc.

Wings Foundation, Inc., reserves the right to verify your documents by contacting the originator(s) of your documents. (ie: leases, rental agreements, ect.)

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