The Wings Foundation began as a dream ...

For over the years Wings has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of stricken colleagues, including money raised for the children of 9/11 victims. In February of 2005, Marie Lockbaum stepped down as the National Chairperson of the Wings Foundation, but she continues to serve as a consultant in an advisory capacity. On behalf of all the members of The Wings Foundation & the Flight Attendants of American Airlines..."Thank You Marie!"

and "a Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes". Retired Miami based Flight Attendant Marie Lockbaum flew for more than 40 years, & as one might imagine, she has worked with a lot of people during that time. Long enough in fact to become all too familiar with the difficulties faced by those unable to work because of illness or disability. But as fruitful as endeavors to help raise monies for her troubled co-workers were, Marie realized that they were disorganized. Taking the initiative, Marie & her fellow flight attendant friends Patti Baskin & Ada Asher, among many others, conceived the concept of a unified organization with specific direction to financially assist seriously ill or disabled flight attendants who were unable to maintain their home, medications, & transportation.

After just two years of planning, The Wings Foundation, Inc became a reality, when in 1989 American Airlines senior management fully supported the charitable endeavor & approved of employee donations through payroll deduction, which generated more funding than would have otherwise been possible. Moreover, Wings gained the cooperation and support of the American Airlines Federal Credit Union as well as the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA).

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