Wings Payroll Q & A 


Q.  What is the cut off date for current AA payroll deductions? 

A.  May 15, 2020 

Q. What is the start date for the new payroll deduction program? 

A.  May 16, 2020 

Q.  Where can I find the new payroll deduction form to sign up?  

A. Go to our website:

and click on the “To Jetnet” button, sign into Jetnet. 

Or go directly to Jetnet, click on “Get Involved” located at the top menu bar, and select “American Cares.” 

Click on Give located at the top part of the screen, it will direct you to the donation page. 

On May 16, 2020, you will see The Wings Foundation as one of the Featured Charities.  We will have more details before May 16, 2020

Q.  How many times a month will my donation be drawn from my paycheck? 

A.  Twice.  On the 15th of the month AND the last paycheck of the month. 

Q.  Is there a minimum or maximum amount that I can donate? 

A.  The minimum donation per pay period is $5.  There is not a maximum amount. 

Q.  Will Wings volunteers be available to help Flight Attendants transition to the new payroll deduction system? 

A.  Yes.  Wings volunteers will be in Crew Rooms beginning on May 16, 2020.  A schedule will be posted to the Wings website.

Q.  Why are we going to a new payroll deduction system? 

A.  When AA went to a third party to issue payroll they were not able to Grandfather the old payroll in. 

Please fill out the form below with any additional questions you may have and a Wings volunteer will contact you.  Thank you for supporting the Wings Foundation! 

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