Social Media Dimensions

These Documents are provided for the strict use of Wings Foundation Volunteers who have signed Confidentiality Agreement on file with Wings Secretary.


·Cover Photo (Desktop Use)

oW: 820 pixels

oH: 312 pixels

·Cover Photo (Mobile Use)

oW: 640 pixels

oH: 360 pixels

·Profile Photo

o360 x 360 pixels

oKeep in mind the photo itself will be square for viewing/uploading purposes on your profile, but what will appear around Facebook is a rounded version of what’s located in the center of that square.



·1080x1080, or 1080x1350 if using a portrait/landscape oriented photo

·Specific dimensions aren’t really necessary for this platform, but know that not all photos will necessarily fit. I recommend using the “Squaready” app if you have an unusually shaped or larger image, so that this will allow it to fit a little better on Instagram. Instagram  was traditionally “square” but now you can upload different portrait/landscape mode photos.


(NOTE: You can enter pixel value by going to Page Setup > Custom > Enter “851 pixels” where it says inches, it will automatically convert, if you’re using something like PowerPoint to create graphics)

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