Volunteer Appreciation

Criteria for the
‘Patti Baskin Palmer Award’

Established November 2011


Patti Baskin Palmer is the co-founder of the WINGS Foundation, Inc., a natural leader who embraces challenges while being sensitive to new ideas and challenges of others.The recipient of this award will exhibit the following qualities:



  1. Embrace challenges and Ideas for the betterment of the WINGS Foundation, Inc.

  2. With new and old endeavors, be creative and innovating.

  3. Have a sensitivity to the needs of others.

  4. Exhibit the qualities of a natural leader.




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Marie Lockbaum Legacy Award


Given to those who have selflessly given their time, energy and heart to The Wings Foundation, Inc.



Criteria for the

Established September 30, 2010


  1. Selflessly give of their time to The Wings Foundation, Inc.
  2. Has made significant contributions on both a Local (BASE) and National level.
  3. Has worked tirelessly for the betterment of The Wings Foundation, Inc.
  4. Considers the fiduciary responsibility of The Wings Foundation, Inc in all decisions.
  5. Is an innovative thinker.
  6. Upholds the high standards set in place by our three National Founders; Ada Asher, Patti Baskin Palmer & Marie Lockbaum.

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