Starting in 2019 and forward, the Wings Foundation will have one (1) volunteer award in respect of our founders; Ada Asher, Marie Lockbaum, and Patti Baskin-Palmer.

The “WINGS FOUNDATION FOUNDERS AWARD” to replace our current awards; Marie Lockbaum Legacy Award and Patti Baskin Palmer Award.


Here is the criteria for the WINGS FOUNDATION FOUNDERS AWARD:


  1. Selflessly give of their time to the Wings Foundation, Inc;

  2. Has made significant contributions on both a Local (Base) and National level;

  3. Has worked tirelessly for the betterment of the Wings Foundation;

  4. Considers the fiduciary responsibility of the Wings Foundation, Inc. in all decisions;

  5. Is an innovative thinker, has a sensitivity to the needs of others and exhibits the qualities of a natural leader.

  6. Upholds the high standards set in place by our three National Founders;  Marie Lockbaum, Patti Baskin Palmer, and Ada Asher.

Founders Award 2020

Anne Elfant

Founders Award 2019

Juliana Ruggiero

Patti Baskin-Palmer Award 2018

Krichelle Zúňiga

Marie Lockbaum Award 2018

Brenda Jacobon

Patti Baskin-Palmer Award 2017

Betty Langfitt

Marie Lockbaum Award 2017

Joe Stanko

Patti Baskin-Palmer Award 2016

Geoff Stafford

Marie Lockbaum Award 2016

Debbie Roland

Patti Baskin-Palmer Award 2015

Forrest Blake

Marie Lockbaum Award 2015

Jane Dineen

Patti Baskin-Palmer Award 2014

Sharon Gambrell

Marie Lockbaum Award 2014

Sam Gooch

Patti Baskin-Palmer Award 2013

Mike Saxton

Marie Lockbaum Award 2013

Kathy Crandall

Patti Baskin-Palmer Award 2012

Patti Baskin Palmer

Marie Lockbaum Award 2012

Patricia Howitt

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