Volunteer Policy Manual

These Documents are provided for the strict use of Wings Foundation Volunteers who have signed Confidentiality Agreement on file with Wings Secretary.

Wings Foundation, Inc

Alcohol/Illegal Drug Consumption Policy

Eff 2/2019

WINGS volunteers who are actively performing event duties are not permitted to drink alcohol or use drugs at any WINGS-designated fundraisers and/or meetings. If alcohol is provided at an event for which you have an assigned duty, you may not consume alcohol before/during the hours of the event. If the fundraiser or meeting coordinator has released you from volunteer shift or duties, you may consume alcohol. Be mindful of exercising best judgment.

You are a representative of the Foundation and your behavior reflects on the organization.

The WINGS event director or meeting coordinator will arrange for the volunteer removal if reasonable grounds exist making it apparent that a volunteer is incapable of safely performing duties or causing a probable risk to others due to the effects of drugs or alcohol.

Each volunteer must ensure that they are not in such a condition to endanger their own safety or that of others at the location where the event or meeting is taking place.

Disciplinary action
If found in breach of this policy, the volunteer may be removed from duties at the event or meeting and may include the removal from future WINGS-related fundraisers or events.
Disciplinary action may also include immediate termination as a representative of the Foundation.

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