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Volunteer Policy Manual

These Documents are provided for the strict use of Wings Foundation Volunteers who have signed Confidentiality Agreement on file with Wings Secretary.

Wings Foundation, Inc

Casework Guidelines

Wings Foundation, Inc. may assist an AA Flight Attendant who falls under any of these categories (in each case, a Flight Attendant must complete the required application and submit the required documentation as determined by the Board of Directors):


  1. American Airlines Flight Attendants on the American Airlines system seniority list/roster.

  2. American Airlines Flight Attendants who have signed and submitted a completed and legible WINGS Financial Assistance Application with supporting documentation.

  3. American Airlines Flight Attendants who have depleted their available sick time.

  4. American Airlines Flight Attendants who have missed one (1) paycheck.

  5. American Airlines Flight Attendants who have been removed from “active duty” for thirty (30) days or more with medical documentation.

  6. American Airlines Flight Attendants who possess less than two (2) months of useable income in available checking and savings accounts.

  7. WINGS does not direct individuals to deplete retirement accounts such as Roth IRA or 401K.

  8. American Airlines Flight Attendants who are receiving Short Term/Long Term Disability.

  9. American Airlines Flight Attendants who are the legal guardian caring for a seriously ill dependent, must provide medical documentation and Power of Attorney. The Flight Attendant must utilize all paid Family Leave (vacation time) prior to WINGS assistance.

  10. American Airlines Flight Attendant who is in financial distress due to injury, illness or disability that prevents them from securing adequate housing, transportation, medical insurance and nourishment.

  11. American Airlines Flight Attendants who have returned to work after an absence due to illness, injury or disability. If the Flight Attendant submits a WINGS application within thirty (30) days of return to active status, they may qualify for a one-time ‘bridge” assistance grant.

Wings Foundation, Inc. does not assist individuals who fall under these categories:

  1. American Airlines retirees or Flight Attendants that have been released from service.

  2. Flight Attendants who are employed by Envoy or other subsidiary airlines.

  3. American Airlines Flight Attendants who are performing light duty or part time flying or special assignment. To qualify for WINGS assistance, the applicant cannot perform any job function at American Airlines during their illness, injury or disability.

  4. American Airlines Flight Attendants who have previously qualified for WINGS financial assistance and have reached their lifetime cap of $36,000.

WINGS Caseworkers consider all incoming generating types of assets to determine “financial distress.” This includes, among others, a spouse’s or partner’s income, disability payments, rental properties and income from “other” employment such as side businesses, etc.

Wings Foundation, Inc. is a registered nonprofit incorporated in the state of Texas.