Volunteer Policy Manual

These Documents are provided for the strict use of Wings Foundation Volunteers who have signed Confidentiality Agreement on file with Wings Secretary.

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FADR Guidelines

The WINGS Flight Attendant Disaster Relief Advisory Director will be responsible for all activities directly related to Disaster Relief, including, but not limited to: communicating with the Flight Attendant in need of assistance, coordinating with American Airlines Flight Service, Association of Professional Flight Attendant Union (APFA) and with American Community Programs regarding updates on base conditions and local resources pertaining to National Disasters.

The WINGS Flight Attendant Disaster Relief Advisory Director will coordinate requests of money transfers with the WINGS Treasurer and the WINGS President.
The WINGS Flight Attendant Disaster Relief Advisory Director will monitor the Disaster Relief emails from the FADR email address on a regular basis, more frequently during disasters.

The WINGS Flight Attendant Disaster Relief Advisory Director will maintain a small committee of WINGS volunteers to assist in a major disaster.

The FADR Advisory Director will follow national news coverage and maintain awareness of any recent or impending events, specifically in areas where there is a large Flight Attendant population. Common examples are forest fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc.

All FADR inquiries are to be directed to the FADR Advisory Director.
In the event of an extended absence or unavailability (i.e. vacation), the FADR Coordinator will coordinate back-up during absence.


  • The FADR Advisory Director will have a network of back-up support in the event of an absence (see above) or a widespread disaster (i.e. Hurricane Sandy) requiring additional casework assistance.

  • The back-up team must all be current WINGS Volunteers, but will include (in this order):

    • FADR committee

    • Former FADR Coordinators

    • Executive Committee Members

    • WINGS Board of Directors

At all times, the FADR Advisory Director should respect the WINGS confidentiality agreement and policy. No different standards apply to FADR cases.

The FADR Advisory Director will monitor the “Disaster Relief” section of the WINGS website and advise the Webmaster of any needed changes.

The FADR Advisory Director will verbally interview all incoming cases using the most current “Interview Form.”

- The FADR Advisory Director will ensure each case qualifies as an FADR case, using the most current FADR mission statement: “WINGS FADR provides immediate short-term relief to American Airlines Flight Attendants whose primary residence is damaged or destroyed by a catastrophic event or natural disaster. The program may provide for the purchase of such essentials as food, water & temporary shelter.”
- Flight Attendant requesting assistance must be an American Airlines Flight Attendant on the system seniority list.
- FADR cases are handled on a "per event" basis. There is no cap on the number of events for which a Flight Attendant may apply for assistance in a lifetime. Also, these funds do not apply against a Flight Attendant’s lifetime cap for WINGS financial grant assistance.
- Deadline to apply is within six (6) months of natural disaster.


FADR Banking Account
• Separate banking accounts will be maintained for the purpose of FADR. These accounts will receive all incoming recycling deposits and also be used to distribute all outgoing FADR assistance funds.
• The WINGS Treasurer will maintain overall responsibility and control of this account.
• Anytime an assistance check or bank transfer is issued, a request will be issued by the FADR Advisory Director to the WINGS Treasurer.
• This format is to be used: o F/A: Smith, Suzie o EMP: 565999 o Base: ORD-D o Amount: $5000.00 o Address of disaster: 12 Oak Street, Chicago, IL 60062 o Reason: F/A Disaster Relief-Fire FEB 2011 o Approval: name of the FADR AD/and second on the case o Signature and Date
• A copy of this email will be cc'd to the WINGS President, WINGS Vice President per their request.
• The FADR Advisory Director will be the primary authorizer of FADR assistance cases.
• However, all cases require at least one other approval from the FADR Committee or a WINGS Officer Director (see above).


• All qualifying FADR events have maximum $5,000 assistance.
• $1000 may be distributed for a qualifying event, solely based on the FADR Interview Form.
• The remaining assistance (if any) will be distributed upon receipt of at least two documents verifying the event. These documents can include:
• Letters/documents from the Flight Attendant's insurance provider.
• Photos of damage.
• Newspaper articles documenting damage to the area.
• Government documents (i.e. FEMA) detailing the event.
• Receipts showing expenditures by the Flight Attendant for short-term needs such as clothing, lodging, food or an unpaid trip.

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