Volunteer Policy Manual

These Documents are provided for the strict use of Wings Foundation Volunteers who have signed Confidentiality Agreement on file with Wings Secretary.

Wings Foundation, Inc

FADR Guidelines


  • All fundraising events must be approved by the Fundraising Advisory Director, President and Treasurer.

  • Any WINGS volunteer who organizes or participates in an unapproved fundraising event for the benefit of WINGS may be subject to removal as a volunteer of WINGS if such event violates the Wings Volunteer Code of Conduct or the WINGS Foundation Trademark and Brand Guidelines. Further, all Directors and Officers of the Foundation are prohibited from organizing or participating in any unapproved fundraising event for the benefit of WINGS even if such event does not violate the WINGS Volunteer Code of Conduct or the WINGS Foundation Trademark and Brand Guidelines.

  • All flyers/posters related to any fundraising event must be approved by the Fundraising Advisory Director and the WINGS Webmaster. In the case that one of the members are not available, the Communications Advisory Director may approve flyers/posters.  The flyer/poster for approved events must state: “Benefiting the Wings Foundation, Inc.”  The flyer/poster for approved events must have the approved WINGS logo.

  • Approved use of the WINGS name and logos should include the appropriate trademark designation.

  • A budget for each event must be submitted to the Fundraising Advisor Director no later than 60 days prior to any fundraising event.

  • Use of the WINGS Foundation name, logos, or other trademarks without express prior written permission from the Fundraising Advisory Director and President for any events other than approved fundraising events is strictly prohibited.

  • Use of the WINGS Foundation name, logos, and other trademarks is subject to the WINGS Foundation brand guidelines, as set forth herein.


Silent Auctions & Live Auctions

  • All items donated for a silent auction will need a receipt sent to the donor. We do not report the value of the item, we simply acknowledge and describe the donation.

  • All purchases (either at a silent or live auction) will be processed through the Square credit card device, as this records the transaction and provides the donor with a tax receipt. The proper transaction is twofold: 1) The selection of the item in Square and the value of the donation; 2) The amount of the buyer’s charitable donation for U.S. federal tax purposes is the excess (if any) of the amount paid for the item over the fair market value of the item.

  • All items for a silent auction will be loaded into the Square prior to event. This will be accomplished by the Fundraising Advisory Director or Square Manager.

Expenses: All expenses are to be paid by a check written out of the Wings Foundation, Inc. General Account. NO EXPENSES WILL BE PAID OUT OF CASH DONATIONS. For all check requests submit a WINGS Expense Statement to the WINGS Treasurer. Please attach a copy of all receipts. You will receive a confirmation of payment once the check is created.

Prizes: If items are given away, they must be recorded. An inventory sheet should be sent to the WINGS Treasurer for recording. This is a fundraising expense for tax reporting purposes. All credit card transactions utilizing a credit card with a chip, must be processed through the Square reader. If the credit card does not have a chip, you may enter it into the Square manually.

Event Income Deposits: Once all monies are counted and recorded, the event coordinator will complete the deposit ticket with a second person witnessing the deposit. All monies will be deposited within 2 days of the fundraising event and all final accounting forms will be sent to the WINGS Treasurer within 10 days of the deposit.

Money Counting: All persons responsible for counting monies will have a Confidentiality Agreement on file with the WINGS Secretary and will not be related parties.

Volunteer Winnings: If a fundraiser has a large monetary or prize-winning opportunity, such as a 50/50 raffle, a WINGS volunteer will be restricted from winning the item.

Credit Card Processing: All credit card transactions will be processed with the approved Credit Card Processing Program.

Vendor Payments: All transactions involving payment to a vendor will be by check or credit card only. A check request to the WINGS Treasurer must be submitted. If a fundraiser expense includes payment for alcohol, it must be submitted for review and approval prior to the event. WINGS does not pay for personal alcohol consumption.


  • If you are able, deposit all fundraising revenue at a local Bank of America branch or you may FedEx all checks to the WINGS Treasurer for deposit.

  • Photocopy all checks included in deposit.

  • Complete the Deposit Breakdown Form. Indicate the total amount for the respective categories and report the nature of the deposit; general donation, Kiwi donation, fundraiser, etc.

  • Once the deposit is complete, retain the deposit receipt.

  • Submit these items to WINGS Treasurer: 1) Photocopy of checks 2) Deposit receipt 3) Deposit Breakdown Form.

Volunteer Expense Statements

Attach original receipts and provide the necessary information on the Expense Form. The form requires the signature of the requestor and the signature of a Term Director or Fundraising Advisory Director. In addition, volunteers’ expenses are not to exceed more than 10% of total revenue for the event. Once the Expense Form has been received by the WINGS Treasurer, a request for approval will be sent to the WINGS President or Secretary. All expenses are considered discretionary and are subject to review by the WINGS Treasurer, President or Secretary.

Donation Receipts
The WINGS Secretary is responsible for handling donation tax receipt letters. Please let the WINGS Treasurer know if you have sent the tax receipt letter request to the Secretary when submitting the deposit information. All donations of $75.00 or more if the donor receives a gift of value in return for the donation or over $250.00 will need the formal tax donation form letter.

Unrelated Business Income
All sales transactions outside of annual fundraising events that involve merchandise may be subject to sales tax and, unless the Board of Directors has determined in advance that the merchandise substantially furthers the charitable mission of the Foundation (for example, by educating the public about the Foundation’s mission), the Foundation may be required to pay unrelated business income tax on the net income from such sales. Further, a donation made in exchange for merchandise is not deductible for the person that is purchasing the merchandise item, unless they donate funds over the fair market value of the item.

Fundraiser Event Worksheet
This worksheet must be completed by the local Fundraising Chairperson or Term Director and submitted to WINGS Treasurer. The details are mandatory for the Wings Foundation, Inc. annual Financial Audit.


Event Name:

Gross Revenue from Event:
Donated Services and Facilities Revenue:
Raffle and other Gaming Revenue:
Ticket Sales:
Auction Proceeds:

Other Event Revenue:

Total Fundraising Expenses:
Donated Services and Facilities Revenue::
Raffle and other Gaming Expenses:
Cash Prizes:
Non-Cash Prizes:
Rental of Facility:
Food, Beverages & Catering:
Entertainment, Master of Ceremonies:
Professional Fundraising Services:
Auction Items (If reported on the Financial Statements):
Purchased Auction Items:
Other "Day of" Expenses (e.g. Centerpieces):

"Pre-Event" Expenses (Advertising, Printing)

Gifts for Sponsorships, Participation, & Volunteers

Other Miscellaneous Expenses:

Total Expenses:

Net Income (Loss) from Event:

Fair Market Value of Ticket (Non-Deductible Portion):

Number of Tickets Sold:

Value of Donated auction Items:

Is the Value of Donated Auction Items included in your Financials? Y/N

Number of Auction Items Donated:

*A copy of this form will is available on the secure page of the WINGS website.

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